I Was


I betrayed myself
When I traded my self
For someone I was not

I was the life of the party
I was the dancehall queen
I was the girl your guy was hung up on
Whenever he hung up on You

I was the girl who drank ‘cause I thought I liked it
Who hiked up my dress ‘cause I thought he liked it
I was the only girl in the circle
On the choo choo train
Who would puff puff pass
The joint ‘round to the next dude
Who was probably already too high
Yeah, it was all guys
Except me 

Accept me,
I said to the World
When I really shoulda been saying it to the King
The only high I shoulda been drinking up,
The Most High
The only One who accepted me when I was myself
Before I traded my self
Before I betrayed I self
Shoulda know what I was doing with
His Temple

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life
In Him, I have found peace in His promise, eternal comfort and no strife


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