“What’s your major source of stress and why?”



Jonathan T., Sales Support says…
“Being good. I really, really want to do the right thing but I’m constantly tempted to do wrong. When I try to be good on my own and I fail, it stresses me out. I’m learning to lean on God and use His strength instead of mine but it’s hard.”



Racquel D., University Student says…
“Definitely school. The workload is a lot and I’m sleep-deprived. I wish my parents were more supportive too. They don’t understand the stress I’m under.”



Trevon C., Data Entry Assistant says…
“Finding my true career path. I felt like I didn’t focus my studies on the things that will truly make me happy career-wise. I learn a lot wherever I work but am never truly contented.”



Joshua M., Secondary School Student says…
“That’s easy. Ad (Additional) Maths. When I finish that class, my brain hurts.”


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