Teen Time 2015


New summer camp helps teens discover their purpose

Teen Time is a new, dynamic summer camp for teenagers and 2015 promises to be the first of many!  It gave us young people a forum to share and discuss issues we actually face.  We also got to show off our creativity in drama, art, and music; and we got to exercise and play sports. We enjoyed all of this in an environment geared toward getting us to see ourselves through the eyes of Jesus, who we now understand sees great value in us. We are important! The theme for Teen Time 2015 was “I Know Who I Am” and many of us left the camp with a greater sense of value, purpose, and heightened self-esteem in Christ.

What young people are saying about Teen Time 2015:
“I honestly never liked going to Church. I always wanted to sleep in on Sunday mornings. Even if I went to Church, I did it grudgingly. But since Teen Time 2015, my mom, aunt and siblings are amazed that I am the first one to get dressed on a Sunday and now I am the one waiting patiently for everyone else.”

“I went home excited every day to share whatever I learned with my entire family.  I’m really happy to finally be with other young people at church. I found friends that share my values and that makes it easier to be who I am as a young Christian.”

“When I got there on the first day of Teen Time, I really didn’t want to stay.  I figured this is not my kinda thing. But the coordinators made me feel welcome and convinced me to give it a chance.  I did and it actually turned out to be really good. Apart from learning so much about who God made me to be, I was happy to take part in drama presentations, aerobics, the talent show, and sports. It was awesome! Made some great friends too!”

“We had to personalize and decorate folders to demonstrate who we are.  My life felt like a blank folder, so that was my design. Lol!  I didn’t know who I was and I was struggling with my identity.  Teen Time set me on a path to discover my identity in Christ.  I can say with certainty that I am the happiest I have ever been in my teenage life.  I found Christ for real this time. No more blank folders!”

“I had no idea that Rev. Martinez and Aunty Patrice were so cool. I had a great time. I didn’t want the camp to end. I even asked them if they planned to have Teen Time 2016. I can’t wait! And, since I heard about yielding ourselves to God at Teen Time, I went back to my church and practised that.  I felt the presence of God in such a real way.”

“I always wanted to fit in at school and because of that, I was not heading down the right path.  Since I went to Teen Time and started hanging out with the other young people, I surrendered my heart to Jesus and now I actually like going to church.  I look forward to hanging out with my new friends “the squad”. My mom always cautions me not to make that my main reason but honestly, I am just so happy to be a part of everything. I think I’m doing good!”

“People keep asking me “What’s so different about you?” They say that I seem more confident and somehow more settled in Church. I tell them, “I think it’s the experience I had at Teen Time.” There was something really cool about getting involved with people my age and doing “God stuff”. It made Christianity come alive for me.”

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